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The STRT Don't Stop Community Challenege

To celebrate the launch of the STRT Student Creator Community we're doing a 30 day challenge and giving away thousands in prize money to student entrepreneurs, creators, and artists.




The 30 Day Challenege

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Join the Community

Join our community of student entrepreneurs, innovators, creators, and artists! You'll meet and connect with students from across the nation who are interested in growing their business and creating the future!

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Complete Daily Challenges

Each day there will be one challenge announced in the community. To advance to the next round it's your job to complete it before time runs out! Miss a challenge? You're out! But don't worry you'll still be a part of the community, just not this event.

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Win Prizes

The more challenges you complete the closer you get to the grand prize! As we pass milestones certain events, meetings, or prizes, will become available to you. If you complete all 30 challenges you'll be eligible to win our grand prize of $5,000!

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Why Join the STRT Don't Stop Challenge

This challenge isn't about the prize money (well obviously a little bit). It's about focusing on your big idea for 30 days and putting in the consistent work. Win or lose at the end of this 30 day challenge you will be apart of a network of student entrepreneurs, creators, innovators, and artists from across the nation. You'll have formed relationships, gotten feedback, and learned from world class entrepreneurs who have been where you are. The challenge is an excuse to work alongside other students just like you, and to move the needle forward. 

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Join The Challenge
Start Your Journey 

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Join a community of students creating their future one day at a time

Thanks for joining!

Community Member Schools

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