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5 Students with Startups

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Student startups and creative work are all over university campuses, they have become part of the fabric of the student experience. Student creators come from all kinds of backgrounds and areas of study around campus.

Check out how the University of Wisconsin - Madison has nurtured the creative spark within their student body, highlighting 5 Students with Startups. Read the full article here:

Universities have traditionally been equipped to teach principals, tactics, strategies and philosophy of business and entrepreneurship. The University of Wisconsin - Madison has also taken a step further by nurturing the creative spark and motivation present in students by providing an ecosystem to grow their creative energy.

Jayla Thompson founded Shape with Jay, a wellness startup aimed at helping college students lead healthy lifestyles through personalized meal planning, individual training, and support with a particular focus on empowering Black women and providing resources that resonate with Black culture.

Xiaohan Shen and Hankel Bao, co-founders of Easyjobs and Coldreach, use AI-powered platforms to assist job seekers and companies needing a high volume of personalized emails.

Jake Piekarski is the founder of ChoreHub, which allows students to be contractors and assist others with what they need. Piekarski then went on to start Snow Scholars for snow-removal services and then co-founded Storage Scholars to assist students with their storage needs.

Oyindamola “Damola” Owolabi launched Spicy Nigerian, an artisanal food startup that brings the flavors of Nigeria to Nigerians living abroad, and is now working on Jaiye, a dating app aimed at connecting Africa's vast population.

CJ Wilkerson built a barbershop and apparel brand, Croesus, with a vision of creating a combined barbershop-clothing store and a future goal of establishing a scholarship program to empower others in accessing and building wealth.

Their innovative ideas, coupled with their drive and dedication, make them noteworthy individuals to watch in the world of entrepreneurship.

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