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Artist Spotlight: Alex Nuntapreda

Who is Alex Nuntapreda & why we love him

Alex Nuntapreda is a guitar player, singer, and songwriter from Salt Lake City, Utah. He finds his roots in the blues and rock n’ roll music, but recently he has discovered a love for softer acoustic songs as well. He now combines the two which can be seen in his live shows as he switches back and forth between acoustic pop songs and heavier rock n’ roll tunes.

We love that Alex enjoys being a part of the creative community in the Salt Lake City area!

Where is he at

Recently, Nuntapreda began his solo project after taking an indefinite break from his pop punk trio, Surrender Rome. He has been writing songs and is in the process of recording the best ones for an album expected to come out next year.

Where is he going

Alex plans to release his debut album early next year. Additionally he is pursuing a minor in jazz guitar alongside his engineering major. Through all of this, he will continue to perform and spread his love for art to as many people as he can.

Learn more and support Alex Nuntapreda at -

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