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Artist Spotlight: Alpine Loop

Who is Alpine Loop & why we love them:

Alpine Loop is a Utah pop-punk band. It was originally a 3 piece band made up of three brothers. They've since added a fourth member and had some lineup changes. The current lineup is: Travis Casper - Vocals / Rhythm guitar, Max Scholes - Vocals / Lead guitar, Shane Kelson - Bass / Vocals, Logan Casper - Drums

We love the Alpine Loop family. Not only are they talented musicians, but they also bring incredible energy and passion to the music industry.

Where they are at:

Alpine Loop is a band from Pleasant Grove, Utah. They have played shows all over central UT over the past few years, but their home-court is "The Boardwalk", a venue in Orem owned by their drummer Logan.

Where they are going:

The Alpine Loop band is currently working on a new EP that will re-define their sound by implementing more guitar-driven riffs and a slightly heavier sound while still maintaining their pop-punk roots. Provided that the Covid restrictions get lifted, they are planning on a Northwest tour this coming Spring / Summer.

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