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Artist Spotlight: C. Valenta

Who is C. Valenta & why we love them

Cornelius AKA “C. Valenta” is a Utah local rap/hip-hop artist and local poet. His brand emaculates community, vulnerability, and resilience. C. Valenta grew up with a lot of hardship and decided to turn his adversities into opportunities.

We love C. Valenta’s drive and hustle to grow as an artist.

Where they’re at

In 2018, he decided to pursue his music career and established his artist name “C. Valenta”. Ever since establishing his artistry, he has created and produced singles and music videos. In 2020, he spoke at TEDxSalt Lake City in standing for "Black Voices Matter". Not only is he at the starving artist stage of chasing a dream, he is an activist for Black rights.

Where they’re going

C. Valenta is planning to be one of the most influential artists of his generation. He is continuing to produce music while creating a fan base.

Learn more and support C. Valenta at -

Create the Future.

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