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Artist Spotlight: Canyon Night Records

Who is Canyon Night Records & why we love them

Canyon Night Records is a rap crew of “three young Mexicans who grew up with rap music and culture”. From recording in a car, to now having their own studio, they are working on embedding themselves in the local rap scene. Canyon Night Records is “the brotherhood that creates the best music for those late night canyon drives”.

We love that they are passionate about embedding their culture into their music.

Where they’re at

Canyon Night Records is based in West Valley City and worldwide. They've been making music for 5 years (1.5 years professionally and taking it seriously), and their music has been heard in over 11 countries.

Where they’re going

Their ultimate goal is to tour all over the US, then all over the world. Canyon Night Records is 100% independent and in-house.

Learn more and support Canyon Night Records at -

Create the Future.

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