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Artist Spotlight: Carolee Beck

Who is Carolee Beck & why we love her:

Carolee Beck is a Singer/Songwriter based out of the SLC and Utah County area. She has played and recorded with many bands in a range of styles such as Classic Rock, Jazz, Americana, and Folk. When asked what genre her music is, her response has always been, “probably something indie, but you listen and tell me.” Check out her singles on all streaming platforms and decide for yourself!

We love Carolee Beck’s passion for creating music and her awesome YouTube Lava Lamp sessions.

Where is she at:

Currently, Carolee is living in Orem, UT but bounces around to Salt Lake City quite a bit. She graduated from USU with a music degree and has loved having the experience of playing in many different places in Utah.

Where she is going:

This coming year, Carolee is taking the leap and becoming a full time musician. She will be working on recording and producing music, collaborating with other musicians, and playing live as much as the pandemic will allow. Follow her on all social media and streaming platforms to keep up with her!

Support Carolee on:

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