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Artist Spotlight: DJ Joune

Who is DJ Joune & why we love him

DJ Joune was born into a musical family in Haiti. He has been spinning in one form or another since the age of 15. He has the privilege to bring the vibe to events both domestically and internationally.

We love DJ Joune and his love for curating music for events

Where he is at:

DJ Joune currently resides in Salt Lake City, Utah where he is now one of the best DJ’s. He is involved in community projects, fashion, school mentorship programs and of course being a vibe curator for small private events to big sporting arenas.

Where he is going:

With the Entertainment world growing and changing so rapidly, virtually and in person, DJ Joune and his team are excited to use their skills, talent, and character to contribute furthering that evolution. #TeamJoune

Learn more about DJ Joune at:

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