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Artist Spotlight: Kin Lodge

Who is Kin Lodge and why we love them:

Kin Lodge is a band based in Provo, UT. The band members are: Jordan Jacobson, Josh Nelson, Dan Ekberg, Alessandro Improta, Gavin McMahan, Trent Reimschussel, Waylon Hadlock, Alex Thomson. Kin lodge creates personal, interpretive lyricism that reminds the listener of their roots. They believe that people and human experience are what matter most, they are a community & totem dedicated to that truth. The point of Kin Lodge is to rekindle love for yourself, and to remember that the ache you cultivate is not reality.

We love Kin Lodge and their passion to collaborate with other creatives along with their love for community.

Where they’re at:

They currently have one song out on streaming platforms (stream 'Snakeroot' wherever you consume music).

Where they’re going:

They are currently working on recording a full length release, as well as making new friends and writing and collaborating as often as they can. You can follow them @kinlodge for updates on upcoming shows and events.

Support Kin Lodge on:


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