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Artist Spotlight: Ludovica Giusti

Who is Ludovica Giusti & Why we love her:

Ludovica Giusti is a Utah-based RnB/Soul female singer and activist. Ludovica's music incorporates four main elements: MCAF (Music, Culture, Art, Fashion).

We love Ludovica’s impactful story and mission to pursue her dreams. Ludovica is an incredibly talented female artist. We love her passion for music and supporting creators in Utah.

Where she is at

Ludovica is originally from Rome and moved to Utah at 16 years old to pursue her dreams. She is a college graduate from Utah Valley University with a degree in Public Relations, professional model, and former Miss United Nations USA.

Where she is going

Ludovica is looking to create an album and become a full-time artist. She is always looking to connect with other artists. She loves performing and is always looking for opportunities to perform.

Learn more about Ludovica at -

Create the Future.


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