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Artist Spotlight: “MacK”- McKenna Thomas

Who is "MacK" - McKenna Thomas & Why we love her:

MacK is a Utah-based singer turned songwriter. Her music generally comes in three flavors: angry, sad, and sassy. Although keeping a consistent journal has always been a struggle, the songs MacK writes have served as diary entries in her adult life. She is passionate about being authentic and encouraging self-love in the highs and lows.

We love McKenna Thomas and her love for storytelling through her music!

Where she is at

MacK spent most of her life in Connecticut, just a short drive from Broadway and Madison Square Garden. A late bloomer to songwriting, MacK wrote her first real song in 2015 when she was 21. She graduated with a degree in Commercial Music and Creative Writing, and thrives on creative collaboration. In 2020, MacK made her streaming debut with three singles and a Christmas EP.

Where she is going

In 2021, MacK hopes to release her first full-length album of original music, as well as perform with a full band. She looks forward to widening her creative circle and working with fellow artists and dreamers to reach their goals together. MacK is always looking for opportunities for collaboration.

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