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Artist Spotlight: Rashaad Nunnally - Shaadie

Who is Rashaad Nunnally & Why we love him:

Rashaad "Shaadie" Nunnally is a hip-hop artist located in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is also the co-owner of Mac Life Ent. & Bassix Studio.

We love Rashaad because of his passion for supporting the community in Salt Lake City. Rashaad has an upbeat energy, entrepreneurial spirit, and a dedication to helping other artists.

Where he is at

Rashaad is originally from North Vallejo, California. He moved to Utah in 2016 where he became the lead vocalist for The Lane Changers band. As of September 2020, Rashaad has committed his time to developing Bassix Studios, an affordable recording studio and supportive community for artists.

Where he is going

Rashaad is dedicated to helping curate the culture for artists and creators in Utah. With Bassix Studios he and his partner, Kiirt Banks are planning on helping artists gain the resources & community they need to be successful.

Check out Bassix Studios at -

Create the Future.


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