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Artist Spotlight: The Sols

Who are The Sols & why we love them

The Sols are a Utah-based indie rock band composed of five members, all being from out of state. Their music is infused with songs of life and love, consisting of choruses and melodies big enough to make a small venue sound like an arena.

We love The Sols love for meeting new creators and their passion for creating music.

Where they’re at

The Sols are in the works of gigging relentlessly. They believe in playing live music and more importantly bringing people together for a good time. The Sols currently have shows booked up till June 18th, including some being out of state (Rexburg, Idaho and Huntington Beach, CA), and will most likely have more to come throughout the year.

Where they’re going

While live music is their main focus, they are shifting focus towards recording either an EP or album within the next couple of months and would love any financial help they could get. They will continue to strive and expand their network in the music and business world, as well as doing what they love the most, playing live music.

Learn more and support The Sols at -

Create the Future.

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