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Did You Know? ACC Schools Unleash Innovation Power at the ACC InVenture Prize Competition

Unveiling the ACC InVenture Prize: Where Innovation Soars!

Did you know that the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) schools are at the forefront of innovation? Get ready to be inspired as we take you on a journey through the annual ACC InVenture Prize Competition, a spectacular showcase of cutting-edge ideas, entrepreneurial brilliance, and creativity like never before!

A Gathering of Academic Titans

Imagine 12 top-notch universities, each armed with their brightest minds, coming together for a thrilling showdown. Boston College, Clemson University, Duke University, and many more prestigious institutions are geared up to demonstrate their entrepreneurial prowess. What's even more exciting is that teams from last year's champions, the University of Notre Dame, along with Florida State University, Georgia Institute of Technology, and others, are all set to defend their innovative projects.

Reigning Champions: University of Notre Dame - LifeDrive

Allow us to introduce you to the reigning champions of the ACC InVenture Prize, the University of Notre Dame's exceptional LifeDrive team! Their groundbreaking project, "LifeDrive," is more than a game-changer; it's a life-changer. With a mission to empower individuals with disabilities, LifeDrive offers a suite of alternative wheelchair control solutions that include eye, voice, and mobile joystick control. These groundbreaking technologies provide individuals with the ability to control their power wheelchairs, regardless of their stage of disease progression.

Save the Date!

Mark your calendars and be part of the ACC InVenture Prize excitement! Keep a keen eye out for the submission deadline and make sure to save the date for the main event. Get ready to witness remarkable projects in action and be inspired by the innovation and creativity that fuel the brightest minds of ACC schools. Stay updated with all the latest developments by following the competition on the official [insert event website or link].

The ACC InVenture Prize is where groundbreaking ideas take flight, turning dreams into reality! Don't miss this incredible journey through innovation.

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