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First & Second Place - Championship Round - Women Creators Pitch Tournament

Congratulations to first place winner, Elle Griffin & second place winner, Haley Conley for their success in the Women Creators Pitch Tournament. Both Women Creators put together thoughtful, detailed and excellent presentations throughout the competition

Thank you to all the partners - V School, Dear World, Carta, Now CFO, Nexus It, Outcode, Lost Eden, The Blocks SLC, The Shop Workspace, Assure, Summit Venture Studio, Silicon Slopes Latino, Sustainable Startups for helping provide this opportunity for Women Creators.

Thank you to everyone who helped us score the final round - Alex Hesse, Amy Caldwell, Cassandra Yerkes, Mo Reeder, Stephanie Mackay, Tony Borash, and Trina Limpert.

And a very special thank you to everyone who participated, we were overwhelmed with the response and support.

Create The Future.


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