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Founders’ Friday + Open Streets: Battle in the Ring

On Friday, August 20th - We will be hosting Founders’ Friday at Open Streets, join us to meet some of the most influential and dynamic up-and-coming artists, entrepreneurs, musicians & creators.

The night will feature a singing battle, rap battle, and a night full of performances from the hottest local artists.

Performances by: DJ Joune | Talin Everett | Aries | Kristia “Tia” Miles | Kayden Call ft. Lovers First | Alex Nuntapreda | C. Valenta | Roc Zoe | LAKell | 420VeeBoyyz | Canyon Night Records

Friday, August 20th | 6pm-10pm | The Eccles Theater Lobby

Sponsors and partners include: The Blocks SLC, Downtown Alliance SLC, Salt Lake County Arts & Culture, Nexus IT, V School, Soul Lounge, The Shop Workspace, Audio Inn Recording, and Salt Lake City Arts Council.

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