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Founders’ Friday Seven

Last Friday, we got together to do a service project to help donate used medical supplies to the STRT(up) Project Embrace, food to the Utah Food Bank and clothing to Big Brothers and Sisters of Utah.

To attend a future Founders’ Friday, sign up at

A special thank you to Evelyn Detzany for their incredible performance and Mohan Sudabattula for presenting Project Embrace.

Ari Papanikolas, Bill Toon, Christoffer Wallin, Emily Adler, Evelyn Detzany, Jed Morley, Jeff Erickson, Liz Clyde, Mohan Sudabattula, Nik Ruoti, Rob Holt, Shaykayla Smith, Vadim Firfa, Victor Gill

Create the Future.

Learn more about STRT at

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