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Harvard Oceanic Collections Engagement Fellowship (HOCEF) - Applications Close Tomorrow

Applications close tomorrow for the Harvard Oceanic Collections Engagement Fellowship. This HOCEF pilot program will take place between March 2021 and May 2022 and for this first iteration, is focused on the diaspora communities living in the greater Salt Lake City area of Utah, which is home to one of the largest and quickly growing Pacific Islander populations in the United States.

HOCEF is intended to provide an opportunity to widen, deepen, and diversify engagement with museum collections outside of Harvard. It aims to highlight and empower Oceanic voices in their creative and unique forms of expression regarding what the museum’s collections mean to them, and how collections can be used to reveal histories and tell stories of contemporary relevance to the diaspora today.

The pilot will fund two participants to produce a reflection on, or examination of, select museum collection materials of their choice (heritage objects, photographs, and/or archives). Museum staff will provide three months of assistance in learning how to research and look at the collections in different ways.

Two awardees will each be given an honorarium of $2,500 USD for their projects. Participants can use the application guideline.

Apply and learn more at -

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