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Hear Directly From Students: The Importance of ELLCs

Students from our community have directly shared why an ELLC is crucial to creativity and growth 👥🤝

Here's what they're saying:

By building a community of creatives, you have people to help build you up, give you new fresh ideas, constructive criticism, new directions, and most importantly, friendships.

– Molly Foster, University of Nebraska Lincoln

I believe that it is the environment and people you are around more than anything that influence and motivate you to spark new ideas.

– Ata Tatman, Virginia Tech

As a student founder, I understand the immense value of having a supportive community to nurture my entrepreneurial journey.

– Tanishq Barot, Penn State

Communities offer valuable resources and networking opportunities, facilitating learning and growth.

– Cooper Young, Brigham Young University

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