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How Diverse Communities Drive Innovation

Diverse personalities and ideas drive innovation in creative communities.

We see both compelling research data and inspiring stories from creators that emphasize the importance of diverse personalities and ideas in innovation. Harvard Business Review explored the impacts of amplifying diverse voices to create innovation and Rebecca Enonchong, founder & CEO of AppsTech and co-founder of I/O Spaces, highlights the value of diversity in being a creator.

Beyond the data, we see inspiring stories of how diversity drives innovation. Rebecca Enonchong has defied stereotypes and is setting a new example of what it means to be a creator.

“There was nobody in my industry that looked like me. It was rather discouraging at the beginning, because nobody expected me to be the Founder and CEO of a company.”

Diversity of thought and backgrounds is a critical component in an Entrepreneurial Living Learning Community’s (ELLC) ability to drive innovation. Learn more about how STRT empowers diverse student communities to drive innovation at

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