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“How Pitch Competitions can Kickstart your Startup” hosted by Tara Spalding

Calling all entrepreneurs and founders! Tara Spalding will be hosting a FREE webinar tomorrow at 10:00AM MST about “How Pitch Competitions can Kickstart your Startup”

This webinar explains how pitch competitions are a great resource for people who are considering starting their own business. Did you know that pitch competitions are a great way for you to test the appeal of your innovation and business idea before you commit to creating a company? Pitch competitions can also hone your communication skills, your thoughts around your business, and ultimately bring in some cash before your business is investible.

Tara Spalding, Managing Director of BoomStartup Accelerator and member of the STRT Community will share insights and takeaways on pitch competitions, and also present to you an upcoming pitch competition that her accelerator is hosting, PitchUp Two! All attendees are encouraged to enter into PitchUp Two and will learn about what to expect when it comes to what needs to be submitted and what the experience will be for you if you apply.

Entries for PitchTwo are due by this FRIDAY August 20, 2021

Learn more and apply at -

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