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Pre save - Angie Petty’s newest debut album “Timing”

Angie Petty, a songwriter and performer based in Salt Lake City, Utah is releasing her newest debut album “Timing”. The album will be available everywhere on May 28th at midnight.

Support Angie Petty by presaving her album here -

“My songs explore very human topics of patience, self love, deep emotional acceptance and unbounded love. This project has been a huge lesson for me to “trust the timing.” I hope it inspires you to trust the timing as well.” says Angie Petty.

Album artwork by River Lee Wilde

Album features - Chris Petty, Jay Warren, Philip Kuehn, Brooklyn Kohl, Candido Jessee Abeyta, Evan Taylor, Marcus Anderson, Norbert Bueno, Omega Horns, Austie Robinson, Joshy Soul, Kurt Greene, Keyhan K., Nick Petty, Michael Greene

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