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South Salt Lake City - Mural Festival

Saturday, May 15th is the Mural Fest “Artist Meet & Greet'' event. The event is a self-guided walking or bike tour of murals created by local artists on buildings in South Salt Lake. You will get a chance to meet and talk with the artists. There will be live music and entertainment at each mural site.

“South Salt Lake’s Creative Industries Zone is home to the largest collection of street art in Utah. Dozens of artists from Utah and across the country have left their mark on the funky and post-industrial buildings in the area. Inside these buildings, you’ll find local innovators, artists, makers and those who celebrate their unique neighborhood.”

The Mural Fest artists include: Alex Johnstone, Chris Peterson, Evan Jed Memmott & Issac Hastings, Traci O’Very Covey, Veronica Zak, Michael Kirby (Community Mural Artist).

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Photo credit - Mural Fest - Evan Jed Memmott & Isaac Hastings’ mural at Clever Octopus Creative Reuse Center.

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