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Streaming Concert hosted by The Leonardo - Founders’ Friday Twelve

Tickets available at

Join us for an awesome streaming concert, set at The Leonardo, with some of Utah's hottest artists to kick-off 2021.

Ashley Hess | Cinders | Jay Warren | Ludovica | Evelyn Detzany | DJ Teo

Founders' Fridays are about bringing STRT(ers) together to get to know each other, share fun experiences, and develop their ideas.

Join us to meet some of the most dynamic entrepreneurs, artists, musicians and creators.

New creators, new venue, every Friday.

Bassix, Boxcar Studios, Brex, Carta, Dear World, Nexus IT, Now CFO, Outcode Software, SLC Tech Startups, Strategic Financial Consulting, Sustainable Startups, V School

Create the Future.

Learn more about STRT at

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