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STRT + Open Streets // Founders’ Friday - Battle in the Ring

Founders’ Friday at Open Streets was awesome!

A shout out to all the incredible artists who participated in the event: Talin Everett, DJ Joune, Aries, Kristia “Tia” Miles, Kayden Call ft. Lovers First, Alex Nuntapreda, C. Valenta, Roc Zoe, LAKell, 420VeeBoyyz, and Canyon Night Records

Thank you to all of the incredible organizations for making this special night happen - The Blocks SLC, The Eccles Theater, Downtown Alliance SLC, Salt Lake County Arts & Culture, Nexus IT, V School, Soul Lounge, The Shop Workspace, Audio Inn Recording, and Salt Lake City Arts Council.

Videography by: Syd Ostendorf - No Society Media

Create the Future.

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