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STRT Spotlight - Creators Making an Impact, Cassandra Yerkes

Cassandra Yerkes - “Being the 'artsy kid' from a small town in New Hampshire, moving to the city once seemed daunting. There is such an eagerness within this community to find new ways to be creative and I find myself inspired and energized every day by the dreams, ideas, and actions of the people here..”

About Cassandra & why we love her

Cassandra plays a pivotal role in the timely deployment of resources, assets, and communications to programmers and programming organizations in THE BLOCKS.

Cassandra has been a huge advocate in supporting the creative community in SLC and the STRT community. We love Cassandra’s passion to help curate the creative culture in Salt Lake City.

How she makes an impact

Working closely with her small but mighty team, she ensures that the needs of the creative community are known and identifies opportunities to support, promote, and amplify the many and varied initiatives within the creative community of Salt Lake. Cassandra has been with THE BLOCKS since its launch and has been instrumental in the growth of key programs, brand awareness, and increasing in the number of activations within the Cultural Core.

Create The Future.

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