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STRT Spotlight - Creators Making an Impact, Mo Reeder

Mo Reeder - “Troy Williams stole this from Steve Young. I'm stealing it back.”, "You can't change what you don't love"

About Mo & why we love him

MO is a husband, drummer, ally, and father to three rowdy boys. He is Co-Founder + COO at V School. MO holds an MBA in Marketing, a BA in Speech Communications, and has 15 years experience in disruptive education. When MO's not focused on building community / growing his business, he can be found working on his jump shot, or trying his best to grow vegetables. He and his family live with their 2 month-old Ausi-Doodle named 'Birdie' in the Avenues of SLC, UT.

We love Mo’s passion to help creatives and his determination to help build inclusive communities.

How he makes an impact

Mo leads and supports V School's global efforts around social impact and business development. He launched VS's philanthropic arm, the Digital Family so that anyone possessing the aptitude + grit can afford to fund an education that leads to an amazing career in tech.

Create The Future.

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