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STRT Spotlight - Creators Making an Impact, Priscilla Blanchot

Priscilla Blanchot - “People form opinions by what they see first. Just like book covers, your company brand is what represents the business first before the business itself. It is the front and center stage of your company. Don’t leave it on the back burner. Branding comes before marketing."

About Priscilla & why we love her

Priscilla Blanchot is a brand consultant with over 20 years of design experience serving a full range of B2B and B2C clients-from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

We love that Priscilla is a huge contributor to the community around her and is passionate about helping businesses with branding strategy.

How she makes an impact

Priscilla takes clients through a process that consists of “The Precision Brand Method,” which includes conceptualizing the design, developing creative communication solutions, and executing on the vision to build a brand that matters in the market and outmaneuvers the competition. Priscilla partners with corporate leaders to ensure clarity in their messaging and design in order to facilitate growth and expansion.

Create The Future.

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