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STRT Spotlight - Creators Making an Impact, Tony Borash

About Tony & why we love him

Tony is a father, executive, insta-pot and bar-b-q wizard. Living in northern california, you will probably find him taking phone calls while on a golf course or at one of the many local wineries in the region. Tony is an alumni of the University of Saint Thomas where he obtained a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Communication. He also holds an MBA, a MS in Psychology, and a MA in Higher Education. Tony had 20+ years experience in higher education.

We love how Tony is a huge advocate in growing and changing the education sector.

How he makes an impact

He currently serves as the Executive Vice President of V School. Working directly with the main founders, Michael Zaro and Mo Reeder, his focus is on growing V School and increasing revenue. He is focused on cultivating dynamic business relationships.

Create The Future.

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