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STRT Spotlight - Creators Making an Impact, Trina Limpert

Trina Limpert - "“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them. - Albert Einstein”

About Trina & why we love her

Trina is CEO and Co-Founder at RizeNext and Senior Director, CX Consulting at Oracle. In her prior role as President of Women@eBay, Trina led diversity and inclusion initiatives across eBay. She received the Women Tech Council Impact Award in 2015, finalist Women Tech Council awards 2017, recognized by National Women in IT awards for RizeNext as finalist for “Diversity Program of the Year”, and recently selected as one of Utah Business Magazine’s “30 Women to Watch.”

We love that Trina is passionate and focused on empowering women in tech!

How she makes an impact

Trina’s personal mission for the last twenty-five years has been to create awareness of the benefits for women in technology careers. RizeNext was founded to rise up the next level of diverse talent resulting in economic benefit to organizations and society as a whole. Her company provides a ground breaking approach based in decades of technology strategy and operational execution to consult on DEI strategy, execution and training. In addition, Trina is a co-founder of and is rising up our most underutilized talent resource, our mothers, transitioning them into the technology industry.

Create The Future.

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