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STRT(up) Highlight: Cornucopia AI - Bridging the Gap to Empower SMBs

Updated: Jul 2

About Cornucopia AI

We love Cornucopia AI because of its goal to level the playing field by making AI accessible and easy to implement within small and medium businesses. Cornucopia AI aims to be a platform where developers of AI tools and solutions can connect with consumers specifically in the small to medium business (SMB) area. A big issue today is that many SMBs aren't familiar with how to leverage artificial intelligence or just don't know where to get started. Cornucopia AI's goal is to consult SMBs on how they can use artificial intelligence to save time and money and help them implement it without having to break the bank.

"85% of people are employed by SMBs and they don’t have the hefty IT budgets that bigger corporations have"

About the Founder

Ata Tatman

Cornucopia AI consists of all Virginia Tech students that also happen to be great friends. The journey started when Ata sent a text to his friend group-chat asking who wanted to start an AI company. From there, Ata and a few of his friends who were interested exchanged ideas and ultimately came up with the concept behind Cornucopia and have kept building from there.

How to Get in Touch with Cornucopia AI

Ata's Email:

Company Email:

What’s Happening & What’s Next

What's Happening

Cornucopia AI is working on onboarding custom AI tool developers in the real estate and restaurant industries. From there, they will begin meeting with connections in those industries and implementing our solutions where it can best help these SMBs save time and money. They have been accepted into the AWS startup incubator and pitched their product live in the ACC Inventure Prize competition as well.

What's Next

Cornucopia AI plans to help as many Small to medium sized businesses implement AI into their systems and teach them how artificial intelligence can save them time and money. Essentially, they are removing the stigma that AI is a complicated and scary emerging technology– it can actually help in an unlimited amount of ways.


What inspired you to start Cornucopia AI?

Ata Tatman: “Last summer, me, my father, and my brother – we are all originally from Turkey – were talking about artificial intelligence. They are both tech guys and it was new for me but after the conversation I called one of my best friends from Virginia Tech and started spit-balling ideas to each other. I then sent a text to a groupchat with my friends asking who wanted to start an AI company. It was really basic and the message probably got like 3 to 4 dislikes. A few of my friends that were interested started to go back and forth with ideas and we just grew from there. We went from 3 people to around 13 now.”

What specific challenges or pain points in the market did you identify that led you to focus on providing AI solutions for SMBs?

Ata Tatman: “85% of people are employed by SMBs and they don’t have the hefty IT budgets that bigger corporations have. Smaller firms and companies don’t know where to start and are getting left behind but AI is able to save them a lot of time and money. The issue we are trying to solve is making AI less scary for these firms. Right now we are focusing on restaurants and real estate. We serve as consultants to recognize their problems and offer solutions and connect with AI developers.”

What sets Cornucopia AI apart from other AI consulting firms or platforms targeting SMBs?

Ata Tatman: “We are a group of 10 really good college friends. We meet a few times a week, and despite the small arguments and conflicts, at the end of the day we are best friends. It’s fun to work together and we don’t have to force anyone to work because we all believe in Cornucopia AI and are equally motivated. We have a lot of trust for each other. It has been easy for us to get to the point we are at right now because we have a lot of fun and support each other.”

The STRT team would like to thank Ata Tatman for taking the time to tell us more about Cornucopia AI and his journey!

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