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STRT(up) Highlight: Create To Inspire Enterprises - Making the Unique Mainstream

About Create To Inspire

We love Create To Inspire Enterprises (CTIE) because of its dedication to transforming innovative ideas into reality for startups and companies. They focus on products and concepts that are truly intriguing, extraordinary, and outside the box. Their mission is to make the unique mainstream by helping brands engage with their audience in creative and impactful ways. One key problem they address is the challenge many innovators face in effectively marketing their great ideas, especially to the younger generation.

This is exemplified in their current project with Brrr Box, a cooler made from 100% recyclable corrugated cardboard, designed to keep drinks cold with its special internal lining. Despite its eco-friendly and innovative nature, Brrr Box struggled to capture the attention of younger audiences. This is where Create To Inspire steps in. CTIE are relaunching Brrr Box in Austin, Texas, forming strategic partnerships with local fraternities, Longhorns, Texas Exes, and popular beverage brands. By doing so, they bridge the gap between innovative products and the youthful market, leveraging their expertise in creative outreach and engagement. Their primary customers are innovative startups and companies looking to make a memorable impact on their audience. CTIE serves businesses that value creativity and sustainability and are eager to differentiate themselves in a competitive market. What sets Create To Inspire apart is their commitment to the "weird" and unconventional. They believe that what catches the eye and drives engagement is often outside the norm.

In essence, Create To Inspire is more than just a startup; it's a hub for creative thinkers and innovative entrepreneurs. With a focus on making "weird" worldwide and innovative, Create To Inspire Enterprises strive to be the go-to source for exceptional and imaginative projects.

"What sets Create To Inspire apart is our commitment to the "weird" and unconventional."

About the Founder

Corey'L Sams

Corey’L Sams: Corey’L Sams shared that the more he learns about himself, the clearer it becomes why projects like Create To Inspire and Brrr Box resonate with him. His journey began with starting his first business, a clothing company, which Sams eventually had to shut down. Through this experience, he discovered several key insights about his entrepreneurial spirit and what truly excites him. His initial inspiration to create upcycled clothing stemmed from his awareness of the immense waste in the fashion industry. However, Sams realized that he wanted to make an even larger impact. He learned the power of collaboration and how an innovative yet open-ended platform can lead to endless possibilities. This realization is what drew him to Brrr Box, a project that not only addresses a significant modern-day issue but also fosters numerous collaborations—whether through events or by enabling small businesses to have their own customized Brrr Boxes. He believes the best businesses create meaningful opportunities for others. This project embodies that philosophy. Sams was approached to work on Brrr Box by his entrepreneurship professor at UT Austin, who has been involved in its development but needed help with marketing and product placement. Sams’ previous entrepreneurial experience, combined with his studies as a marketing major and the support from his network, equips him to make this project successful. He is passionate about unconventional and unique products, driven by a mission to build what the world has not yet seen. He thrives on the challenge of creating new norms and then moving on to the next innovation. This pattern of innovate, inspire, establish a new norm, and repeat is the lifestyle he aspires to lead. 

Sams' passion for this project is evident in the pitch competitions he has participated in at UT Austin, the energy of his team, and their TedX presentation. Sams believes this project chose him, and his mission is to inspire, connect, persevere, and learn from the communities around him, including mentors and STRT. Ever since Sams was young, his dream has been to "inspire the world the way it inspires me." His mission is to inspire positive change through collaboration, innovation, and storytelling.

Watch Corey'L's Day in My Life with Brrr Box

How to Get in Touch with Create To Inspire

What’s Happening & What’s Next

What's Happening

CTIE is actively working on several exciting collaborations to build the Brrr Box brand and spread the word throughout UT Austin's campus and beyond. They have already been featured in Texas Exes' magazine, The Alcade, which has given them great initial exposure. Currently, they are strategizing to get Brrr Box involved with the Texas Longhorns during football season and tailgates, leveraging the massive fan base and energy around these events. They are also preparing to reach out to American Campus Communities for potential collaborations, as they often engage in giveaways that align perfectly with their promotional goals. In addition, CTIE has engaged in discussions with fraternity and sorority leaders who are eager to collaborate for the OU vs. UT Red River Showdown, one of the biggest events of the year. These partnerships will not only increase Brrr Box's visibility but also create memorable experiences for students. This summer, they focused on finalizing their game plan, increasing publicity, and reaching out to key collaborators in the Austin community to build buzz around Brrr Box. Their goal is to establish a strong presence and make a significant impact through creative and strategic partnerships.

What's Next

CTIE’s goal is to sell Brrr Boxes in HEB stores, Buccees, and other retailers around the US. They also have an international vision of selling them at OXXOs in Mexico.

The STRT team would like to thank Corey'L Sams for taking the time to tell us more about Create To Inspire and his journey!

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