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STRT(up) Highlight: Current2 - Empowering Gen Z with Concise and Accurate News

About Current2

We love Current2 because of its goal to address the common problem of Gen Z: finding the news to be time-consuming and unengaging. Born from a casual conversation in the summer of 2022, Current2’s goal is to bridge the best of email newsletters and social media news, offering convenient text-message access and engaging, short-form, accurate, nonpartisan content.

"Users most appreciate Current2's conciseness and no-BS, just-the-facts directness."

About the Founder

Jake Sadow

Jake Sadow founded Current2 after a disappointing conversation with some friends. While sitting around a fire back in late 2022, he realized that his friends did not know that Ukraine and Russia were at war. From this, he decided that there should be an easier way to stay informed, and founded Current2 within the week. Before this project, Sadow had no experience with entrepreneurship, however, he believed that he was able to stand out because of his interpersonal skills, ability to efficiently problem-solve, and his proactive nature. With the help of his strength and connections at the University of Michigan, he now runs a 20+ person team, working together to make the news convenient and engaging for anyone.

How to Get in Touch with Current2

What’s Happening & What’s Next

What's Happening

Right now, Current2 is working to shift from entirely in-house production to forming strategic alliances with select social media news content creators. With the help of these content creators, they believe they can reach a larger audience and improve the quality of their offerings. In return, they are leveraging their large team to help these creators with news research and writing, video and audio editing, improving their omnichannel presence, and monetizing their content.

What's Next

Current2 plans to build a mobile application for those who prefer to engage with them in that fashion compared to their current text message.


What inspired you to start Current2?

Jake Sadow: "Born from a casual conversation in the summer of 2022, Current2 was founded to address the common problem of Gen Z finding the news time-consuming and unengaging. Current2’s goal is to be the bridge between email newsletters and social media news, offering convenient text message access and engaging, short-form content that is accurate and nonpartisan."

What sets Current2 apart from traditional news sources and other news delivery platforms?

Jake Sadow: “Current2 was founded with a dedicated focus on concise audio news. Our innovative website was designed specifically with this in mind, offering an easy way for users to browse various news episodes and explore their sources. Additionally, our first-of-its-kind daily morning text message provides users with a convenient means of previewing the news and exploring it deeper, integrated right into their text messages.”

Are there any features or aspects of Current2 that users particularly appreciate?

Jake Sadow: “Users most appreciate Current2’s conciseness and no-BS, just-the-facts directness. Episodes are, on average, 2.5 minutes long, yet contain a host of the top headlines across various subjects: general news (our flagship offering), business, sports, politics, and pop culture. Each story in these episodes is conveniently linked, making it easy to explore a particular story deeper and providing users transparency to understand where their news is coming from.”

The STRT team would like to thank Jake Sadow for taking the time to tell us more about Current2 and his journey!

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