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STRT(up) Highlight: Max Minakov - The Student Entrepreneur Behind a Winter Revolution

Updated: Apr 1

Meet the Visionary Student Behind Nivoso

In the heart of winter's toughest battles, one student's disdain for snow shoveling sparked an invention that could change the seasonal chore forever.

This is the story of Max Minakov, a sophomore at Carlson School, whose early frustrations with clearing snow led him to create Nivoso, the autonomous "Roomba for snow." With Nivoso, Max aims to revolutionize how we approach snow removal, making it safer and more accessible for everyone.

🚀 From Classroom to Innovation

Max Minakov's journey from a routine school assignment to inventing Nivoso is nothing short of inspirational. It began with a simple wish to avoid the early morning cold and the back-breaking work of shoveling snow. This desire, nurtured through years of curiosity and learning, eventually took shape as Nivoso during his time at the Carlson School. Here, Max found not only the resources but also the encouragement needed to turn his vision into a viable product.

🏆 The MN Cup Victory: A Testament to Innovation

Max's dedication and innovative thinking were soon recognized on a larger scale when Nivoso won the student division at the 2023 MN Cup, earning $26,000 in seed money. This victory was more than just a financial boost; it was a validation of Max's hard work and a sign that the market was ready for his revolutionary product.

🌐 Piloting the Future with Nivoso

With the MN Cup victory under his belt and pilot programs in the works with large snow-clearing companies and senior living facilities, Max's dream is quickly becoming a reality. Nivoso is set to make snow removal easier, safer, and more efficient, showcasing what student entrepreneurs can achieve with passion and perseverance.

🎉 Looking Ahead: The Journey Continues

Max Minakov's story is a powerful reminder of where curiosity, determination, and education can lead. As Nivoso prepares to enter the market, this student entrepreneur is already looking towards the future, hoping to inspire others to follow in his footsteps. For Max, the success of Nivoso is just the beginning of a journey filled with innovation and discovery.

Stay tuned as we follow Max Minakov and Nivoso's journey, proving that student entrepreneurs can indeed make a significant impact on the world. Join us in celebrating the spirit of innovation and the promise of a future where winter chores might become a thing of the past.

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