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STRT(up) Highlight: That Girl Diet - Nourishing Minds Through Nutritional Psychology

About That Girl Diet

We love That Girl Diet because of its goal to educate and improve everyday lives through food and nutritional psychology. That Girl Diet aims to be a brand that guides the way we think, feel and act, through food. As rates of anxiety, depression, decreased concentration, and poor memory increase over time, social media exacerbates these issues, often making people feel worse. Many turn to medication and supplements to feel better, but emerging research suggests that food can help reduce stress levels and improve memory and concentration.

"Nutritional Psychology aims to improve our understanding of the mind-body connection and develop strategies for optimizing mental health through diet"

About the Founder

Talia Daneshrad

Three years ago, in a hotel room in New Orleans, Talia sat in a room and sketched out an idea that would become That Girl Diet. Fast-forward, after a lot of hard work, self-doubt, and curiosity, Talia is balancing life as an entrepreneur and a Master's student in Food Studies. She just received a certification for a mental health and nutrition course and is on her way to receiving a certification from the Center of Nutritional Psychology. Talia’s first startup failed, but it taught her resilience and the importance of pursuing what she loves. Now, That Girl Diet is her passion project, and she’s using it to increase her confidence and creativity. She is currently in the first few weeks of starting her second venture, with a dream to create something within the realm of nutritional psychology which is how what we eat changes the way we think, feel, and act. Basically how foods affect our brain and mental health.

How to Get in Touch with That Girl Diet

Company Email:

What’s Happening & What’s Next

What's Happening

Talia is currently experimenting with different salads that are focused on foods that boost our mental health/fitness. Her hope is to start selling these salads to busy individuals who don't have time to cook lunch or dinner, want something tasty, but also something that improves their brain health, concentration, and memory.

What's Next

A future initiative for That Girl Diet is to create a leading product brand in nutritional psychology. Right now Talia is just on social media spreading education about nutritional psychology, but her goal is to turn this knowledge and education into something useful for everyday lives.


What inspired you to start That Girl Diet?

Talia Daneshrad: “Growing up, my family and I bonded over Sunday cooking nights, where food became synonymous with joy and happiness. It wasn’t until college that I truly grasped the therapeutic benefits of cooking. Surrounded by amazing friends, I discovered my unique connection with food. As I was always the one planning restaurant outings and experimenting in the kitchen, I found solace in culinary exploration. Cooking became my refuge during stressful times, a way to turn sadness into joy. Sharing my creations with loved ones and witnessing their delight fueled my passion even more. I then realized the impact food could have on others, especially those struggling with eating habits. Motivated by my own journey, I delved into the intriguing realm of nutritional psychology. Inspired by the idea of unraveling our complex relationship with food, I wanted to share this fascinating knowledge with others, and the only way I knew how to do that at the time was through social media!”

How has your understanding of dieting and nutrition evolved through the growth of That Girl Diet?

Talia Daneshrad: “My understanding of dieting and nutrition took a significant turn when I discovered nutritional psychology. In college, I used to count calories, and those were my most miserable days. But my love for food was too deep, and I realized that restricting myself was not the solution. Nutritional psychology came to my rescue, helping cravings and eating behaviors. For instance, it taught me to listen to my body and allow myself a burger on a random Wednesday. I understood when I was stressed and craving it. I learned that our bodies often crave comfort foods when we are overly stressed, as they help release serotonin and lower cortisol. This understanding has allowed me to embrace intuitive eating, a concept I never fully grasped before. By learning how specific foods can boost our mood through 'simple science,' I now find myself naturally eating more intuitively and noticing how different foods affect my mood.”

Could you explain the core principles or philosophy behind That Girl Diet?

Talia Daneshrad: “The core principle of That Girl Diet is Nutritional Psychology. Ever noticed how much time you spend on food and drink, or thinking about them? It’s a lot! While it’s easy to see, understanding why we do it requires scientific insight. This has to do with a new field called nutritional psychology. A field I’m extremely passionate about and have dedicated myself to researching. Once we know the causes of our actions, we can change these behaviors. Many people over consume certain foods and drinks, leading to issues like weight gain, high cholesterol, and liver damage. But why does this happen, and why do some people over consume more than others? For instance, why do women crave chocolate at certain times in their menstrual cycles? Understanding these patterns can help us make healthier choices. 

Nutritional Psychology is a burgeoning field that delves into the intricate relationship between diet and mental health. It explores how our diet can influence our mental health and well-being, essentially, how what we eat can shape our thoughts, feelings, and actions. It's a field that I'm deeply passionate about and have dedicated myself to researching, and I'm here to share its insights with you. 

It combines insights from psychology, nutrition science, neuroscience, and other disciplines to understand how food influences our emotions, behaviors, and brain functions. Through research and education, Nutritional Psychology aims to improve our understanding of the mind-body connection and develop strategies for optimizing mental health through diet.”

The STRT team would like to thank Talia Daneshrad for taking the time to tell us more about That Girl Diet and her journey!

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