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STRT(up) Spotlight - Aspire Her

What is Aspire Her & why we love them

Aspire Her is the Mountain West's premier women's business conference. They bring together the best minds to support, network, & provide resources to women-- entrepreneurs, career women, and women returning to work.

We love that Aspire Her’s mission is to provide resources for women and to create a supportive community.

The founder

Erin Weist - "Every day approach the hurdles in your life like a to-do list. You absolutely will accomplish your goals and overcome any obstacle if you just won't quit."

Where they’re at

Aspire Her was founded in 2019 and is headquartered in Herriman, UT. Their team is running things all work from home at the moment and they love the flexibility it gives them with their families. They collaborate with local companies to provide the best experience for the conference, but also to raise awareness about things women struggle with in the workplace.

Where they’re going

Ultimately they want to take Aspire Her across the nation, bringing the best minds together in each area and providing the same skills & resources to women across the country.

Learn more about Aspire Her at -

Create the Future.

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