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STRT(up) Spotlight: Blerp

What is Blerp & why we love them

Blerp is a platform for using, creating, and sharing awesome soundbites. Think of how you use gifs or emoji’s, blerp allows you to use soundbites the same way.

Aaron and Derek have been awesome members of the STRT community. We love that their business centers around sharing experiences and laughing with friends. People have been around campfires telling stories forever, we think using sound as a personal expressive tool is amazing!

The founders

Aaron Hsu

“Working hard and paving our own path and doing something no one else has done is super meaningful to me. That's why I enjoy working on Blerp!”

Derek Omori

“I’ve always been interested in emerging media so when i met with Aaron about blerp and their mission to enhance digital expression it was a no brainer to join the team!”

Evan Degray

“I enjoy making things work. Blerp enables me to execute my far-fetched visionary ideas”

Where they’re at

Blerp was founded in 2016 from a college project on the University of Utah Campus. Blerp is now headquartered at Salt Lake City Utah. Blerp makes it easier for you to find, share, and create voice and soundbites to build new moments and connections with your friends. We are a database of millions of soundbites integrated within your favorite communication channels. Today we are focused on gaming and we build tools that over 23,000 creators are using to better monetize and engage their audience

Where they’re going

By innovating new tools and enhancing engagement within our channels of communication, we see blerp completely changing the way we interact with new media. We see ourselves completely indexing the world's audio content as well as paving forward new tools in the audio space. We see many people finding their voice through blerp as we integrate into every popular social channel on this planet including future developing channels such as voice assistants and VR.

Create the Future.

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