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STRT(up) Spotlight - Boardwalk Sound

What is Boardwalk Sound & why we love them

The Boardwalk aims to grow Utah's music scene through live music and dance. They are all about helping people escape from their day jobs by giving them a fun place to listen to music, dance, and meet people. Boardwalk offers a number of services to help local bands with recording, practice space rental, promotion, and live events.

We love the Boardwalk Sound because of their mission to help local artists and bands get access to rental space where they can create music.

The founder

Logan Casper - “My business partner Braxton Bitsoi and I have a passion for local music, live sound, and recording. It has been our dream to work in this capacity with so many talented musicians in order to bring something truly unique to Utah County. In our opinion, Utah County desperately needs a place like this where all people and genres are allowed to join in and have fun."

Where they’re at

Boardwalk Sound was founded in March 2020 and is headquartered in Orem, Utah right off the Center St exit. 1384 W Center St.

Where they’re going

They are continually expanding our services and capabilities. Once COVID-19 lets up, they aim to host at least 3 events each week giving them a steady profit. They will continue to get their name out there and show that they are a venue that really cares about the bands. Boardwalk Sound plans to host lots of unique events you can't find anywhere else around. They hope to be the go to place for the young crowd in Utah County.

Create the Future.

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