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STRT(up) Spotlight - Decheque

What is Decheque & Why we love them

Decheque makes it easy to discover, evaluate, and invest in private investment funds. Decheque allows you to track, evaluate, and invest in private investment funds through a financial advisor. They're offering these funds on a scale never seen before, and it's going to be as easy as investing in a mutual fund.

We love Decheque and their team because of their passion for making private investment funds accessible. Andrew Pignanelli and his team are awesome community members here at STRT!

The Founders

Andrew Pignanelli – "Private finance sucks... like a lot. It's amazing to me nobody's fixed it yet, so here we are."

Nate Battistone – ”We've essentially taken an unbelievably difficult and complicated process and reduced it to a mere couple clicks."

Where they’re at

Decheque was founded in November 2019 and is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. They launched their beta in March 2020. Since their beta launch, they've made a few key hires and now have a team of 5.

Where they’re going

Decheque is currently working on a new website to promote their private fund marketplace. They're on track to become a broker and in January 2021, Decheque will be having their official launch.

Create the Future.

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