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STRT(up) Spotlight: Don Aramburu Salsa

What is Don Aramburu & why we love them:

Don Aramburu is a salsa delivery business that makes and delivers fresh salsa straight to customer's doors. All of our products are 100% fresh, made the same day, and without preservatives.

We love that the startup was built off the love and dedication to fresh salsa!

The founders:

Don Aramburu Salsa Co. is a labor of love, with special emphasis on the labor. They’re a husband and wife team located in Salt Lake City, and they’ve always loved to cook together. Correction: husband (Taylor Aramburu) loves to cook, and wife (Sam Aramburu) loves to eat. “Our dynamic is what it is, and we’re finding ways to work productively with it”.

Where they’re at:

Founded in September 2020, Don Aramburu is relatively however, the classic salsa recipes they use aren't. They're headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah and currently deliver to Utah, Davis, and Salt Lake Counties.

Where they’re going:

Their plan is to open a location summer 2021 and continue to expand their quickly growing business.

Learn more about Don Aramburu Co. at -

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