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STRT(up) Spotlight - Draft Battle

What is Draft Battle & why we love them

Draft Battle is a weekly fantasy football app and website that focuses on the best part of fantasy sports - the draft. No salary-caps and better odds, Draft Battle offers top payouts and requires no weekly team management. It's all the fun of season-long fantasy football, in half the time.

Draft Battle is a twist on the NFL fantasy draft. We love Seth Torok's fun approach to creating an app that makes the experience of fantasy football even better.

The founder

Seth Torok - “I wouldn’t consider myself an entrepreneur, but I’m enjoying the journey of turning my passions into viable business opportunities. Draft Battle has become a reality in 2020 thanks to the support of STRT and the great entrepreneurial community of Salt Lake City, UT.”

Where they’re at

Draft Battle was a pipe dream conceptualized on the beaches of San Clemente, CA and has laid it’s foundation in 2020 through concept testing and spreading the world.

Where they’re going

New challenges and excitement are on the horizon, as the website goes live to the general public in August 2021.

Create the Future.

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