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STRT(up) Spotlight - Gaia

What is Gaia & why we love them

Gaia is working to revolutionize the ability to customize, personalize and reduce costs of prosthetics. With a focus on childhood prosthetics.

We love Gaia because they are focused on enriching the human experience. Whether a limb is prosthetic or not, it should feel like your own.

The founders

Nick Witham - "All kids deserve the same opportunities to succeed. We started Gaia to give kids with limb differences those opportunities."

Thomas Odell - "I became an engineer to help people, but it's rare to be involved with a project that has such an impactful vision for the world”

Rami Shorti - “Gaia is holistically looking at prosthetics and is disrupting how things are done by putting the patient first, through empathy and innovation”

Where they’re at

Gaia was founded in 2020 and is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. Gaia is on the cusp of making a tool that restores hand dexterity to people with upper limb amputations. They are in the process of assembling their newest prototype and working on refined small-scale manufacturing.

Where they’re going

Gaia’s next step is to prove product market fit with their MVP. This MVP will let them demonstrate tangible value to users, clinicians, and investors in that order. They are already getting significantly positive feedback from parents that have kids with limb differences. They are looking to expand integration, sales, and distribution options. They are also working to win grants and competitions.

Create the Future.

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