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STRT(up) Spotlight - HomeBrew

👉 Meet Braeden Riley, Founder of HomeBrew. Riley is a second-year student at University of Utah and a member of the Lassonde Studios Entrepreneurship Institute. With Lassonde, he started HomeBrew, a SaaS company that sells an application packed with startup tools and software designed for the early-stage founder/small business owner.

Visit their website:

🌱 In the past year, HomeBrew was awarded pre-seed funding from Lassonde's Get Seeded program and has secured office space on the first floor of the Studios. Braeden is also the student director of the Lassonde Founders Program, a program that helps student entrepreneurs start and grow thriving businesses.

💡“Student entrepreneurs can learn so much from each other - simply offering to hear about other people’s ventures can do so much for both entrepreneurs involved. The great thing about the initial stage of a business is how flexible it is. It allows for so much collaboration and the sharing of ideas; your fellow founders are critics and co-workers all in one. Use their inputs! It can be an enormous help to your business.”

Check out HomeBrew on LinkedIn:

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