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STRT(up) Spotlight - Navvy

What is Navvy & why we love them

Navvy is a branding and social media management agency. While most branding companies offer either branding services or social media management, they offer both. They believe that consistency from start to finish is the key to building a strong, loyal customer base.

We love that the Navvy team is passionate about helping women entrepreneurs!

The founders

Savannah Adams - “Social media isn't just a place for content creators; it's a space for everyone to come together, honor one-another, and connect.”

Natalie Timpson - “Branding is all about captivating your audience with your story. Every industry;every client is so unique and we love the challenge that comes with telling their story!”

Where they’re at

Navvy was founded in Arizona and is headquartered in Southern Utah. Navvy was created by two best friends that both had a burning passion for beautiful branding, entrepreneurship, and empowering women. Navvy works with clients across the US and currently has three industry focuses: healthcare, solar, and new businesses.

Where they’re going

Navvy's goal is to empower business owners to consistently connect with their customers to create brand loyalty and awareness. Navvy is a 100% woman owned business and looks to inspire other women entrepreneurs.

Create the Future.

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