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STRT(up) Spotlight: Ranksey

What is Ranksey & why we love them

Ranksey is a digital marketing agency founded in 2018. Ranksey helps brands grow by getting them online, making them look good, and building predictable and scalable sales funnels. They specialize in website design, branding & identity, and search engine marketing.

We love Ranksey and the passion Tanner Scott has for helping businesses with their online presence.

The founder

Tanner Scott – “I started Ranksey when I was fresh out of college with a degree in marketing from the University of Utah. After having trouble finding an entry-level marketing position, I took it upon myself to start my own business. At the time, I was working in the construction industry and it was not fulfilling. I truly had no business starting an agency with no experience, but I’m glad that I did. I’ve learned so much, met so many amazing people, and I get to do what I love every single day.”

Where they’re at

Ranksey started in 2018 in Ogden, Utah. Since then, they have helped businesses and organizations of all types improve their online presence and sales.

Where they’re going

Ranksey faces some obstacles in front of them as they prepare to specialize in a specific niche/industry in order to further differentiate themselves within their competitive landscape.

Create the Future.

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