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STRT(up) Spotlight - Strappy Couture

What is Strappy Couture & why we love them

Strappy Couture is a detachable & multi-styling shoe strap that improves the comfort of your feet in heels by securing the foot to the shoe, preventing slippage and helping people be more confident in their favorite heels.

We love Strappy Couture because of the innovation and creativity of their product! We love that the founder, Maria E. Cortes, is always finding ways to innovate Strappy Couture.

The founder

Maria E. Cortes - “Strappy Couture makes any shoes the right pair of shoes”.

Where they’re at

Strappy Couture was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Where they’re going

With everything that is currently going on, Strappy Couture sales have maintained stable. Most of their sales and costumes inquiries come from Etsy. Strappy Couture is excited to announce that they are adding a new product to the line very soon! They will be manufacturing reusable, washable, and the most comfortable masks, called Masky Couture. Maria has worked on designing the mask for the last 4 months. The plan is to hire some local moms to work from home. The community have been very supportive and they are starting to get some orders from local companies with their logo print in them.

Create the Future.

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