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STRT(up) Spotlight - True Adherence

What is True Adherence:

Hyperpersonal Fitness™

True Adherence was founded on the belief that there is no single way everyone should exercise. True Adherence’s mission is to make fitness a hyperpersonal journey powered by technology, tempered by empathy, validated by science, and accessible to the many.

The Founders:

Kyle Poulin - "The idea for True Adherence came many years ago after seeing a friend get injured in the weight room. What seems like a lifetime later has seen the initial steps toward a fitness gamechanger."

Chris Bright - "Technology has advanced to the point that we are able to provide more data to your average gym-goer than ever before. We aim to empower individuals with data to get real results from the gym to keep coming back time after time."

Where they’re at:

True Adherence was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. The company is currently in beta with it's first 5 units with locations mainly in Utah. They're currently meeting with seed stage investors to prepare for phase II of their beta and build out the team a bit more.

Where they’re going:

True Adherence is revolutionizing the fitness industry by connecting people with personalized content, preferred trainers, and the ability to access their digital coach guided routines anywhere True Adherence technology is available. Within 5 years your custom workout of the day can be completed at home, in the gym, or the hotel with all of the automatic coaching cues and analysis our platform provides.

Create the Future.


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