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Student Start(up) Highlight - Kyle Barretto

Updated: Oct 27, 2023


Why we love SailShade and student co-founder Kyle Barretto

SailShade creates patio umbrellas and shades by upcycling old and underutilized sails. They were awarded 3rd place at the College of Charleston’s Spring 2023 ImpactX Competition. Kyle’s emphasis on sustainability is weaved into the fabric of his creative journey.

Check out SailShade’s trailer -

As a freshman resident at the Honors STEAM ELLC, Kyle has formed lifelong friendships within the cohort that help him with networking, opportunities, coursework, and much more.

“More importantly, our professor and director Lancie Alfonzo has been the most helpful connection with regards to jump-starting my career. He has become more than just a professor, and I am happy to call him a life-long friend as well.”

Where they’re at

Kyle’s adding to his list of sustainable ventures by operating a Vintage Reselling Business on Depop, Grailed, Facebook Marketplace, and Ebay.

“Your entrepreneurial endeavors should be fueled by your heart and not greed. There will be times where your income won’t be enough to entice you to keep going, and that is where your heart will help you persevere.”

Where they’re going

You can find Kyle delving into multi-property management, full-stack development, and stock investments. We don’t see him slowing down anytime soon!

“Entrepreneurs, especially student entrepreneurs, can greatly benefit from networking. You never know who would be of help to you – whether it is now, in a week, or in a couple of years.”

Connect with Kyle -

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