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Marketing & Community Lead

Overview - Marketing & Community Lead

We are seeking someone who is passionate about enabling creators, innovators and entrepreneurs. The Marketing & Community Lead should be an excellent communicator who understands how to scale the relationship between STRT and our community of STRT(ers) by using an omnichannel marketing and communication strategy. The primary responsibility of this position will be to build and execute a strategy to socialize the STRT concept and educate prospects within higher education. Our goal is to identify and connect with professionals who care about student entrepreneurship in higher education who understand the importance of student housing and programming. An ability to navigate between digital, social, email, and other conventional platforms while being innovative to find new channels will be critical to the success of the role. This position reports directly to the CEO.


To succeed in this position candidates will need to be deeply empathetic to individuals with the creator/entrepreneur mindset. Experience as a creator or entrepreneur will be very helpful in this position. 


Experience working within or marketing to higher education will also be helpful in this position. The Marketing & Community Lead will execute various community-focused programs, interact day-to-day with prospects and STRT(ers) and create engaging ideas and programs to drive user value.

What we’re looking for

• Excellent written/editing and verbal communication skills, as well as organizational skills

• Ability to problem solve with limited information or direction.

• Ability to drive organizational direction to maintain an atmosphere of creativity and innovation

• Willingness to go above and beyond, someone who loves supporting creators and entrepreneurs

• Education put into practice and/or proven experience in community management

• Education put into practice and/or proven experience  at an agency or with a startup

• Education put into practice and/or proven experience  with social media marketing

• Education put into practice and/or proven experience organizing events, conferences, webinars and other community events

• Experience working in a strong metrics-driven culture to measure the performance of organic tactics in driving business results

• Ability to successfully work on multiple projects, prioritizing work and time efficiently

• Ability to work independently and as part of a team

• Strong interpersonal communication skills, including a keen eye for detail

STRT Values

Dare To Try -  To create we must dare to try. Our ambitions will be manifest in our efforts. We will not allow perfection to be the enemy of progress. We will dream of things that never were and create them. 


Stronger Together - Our strength is in the hearts and minds of those we surround ourselves with. We believe that when the right people are brought together sparks fly and boundless energy can be unleashed. 


Access Is Power - Being in the right place at the right time can be a choice. We will bring together people, resources, ideas and capital to break down the barriers of access. 


Create The Future - Let’s get to work.

About STRT

STRT, Inc (pronounced start) headquartered in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah is a leader in the design and operation of world class accommodations and experiences focused on entrepreneurs and creatives. 


Create the Future.

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