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You're A Student


Creating the future isn't easy, but finding a place to STRT is. Connect with some of the most innovative student creators, artists, and entrepreneurs.

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Join creators just like you!

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Why the Student Creator Community?

The journey of a creator can be lonely and uninspiring. But if you're here, that means you know that already. STRT created this community to provide students with the tools and resources they need to keep building, creating, and designing without any roadblocks. It's hard to find other creators to help and inspire you. Now there is one place to connect with student creators from all across the country.

of humans beings aren't like you.



You're Not Like Others
That's Why You're Here

You need a community that understands your journey...


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Community Messaging Group

Connect with your peers, take part in group discussion, share feedback on your peers' new breakthroughs, and get help with your own venture.

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Exclusive Speakers
& Events

Hear exclusive talks from students, successful entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, innovators, and educators. 


Access to STRTs Network

Whether it's developing a product strategy, or getting access to venture capital. What's ours, is yours, we're here to help you make the connection you need.


STRT(up) Social Media Highlight

Getting exposure is critical to growing your business. That's why we shine a spotlight on every new STRT Student Community Member. No work required on your end.


Business Strategy Consultation

Taking the next step can be challenging. With a combined 30+ years of StartUp experience, we're here to help unleash your creative energy one step a time


News and Events

With all the distractions of being a student, we know how hard it is to keep up with industry news. Our designated #news channel will keep you up to date on the latest stories, software, and tools for student founders and creators

Share Together

From Idea To

Whether you're an innovator aiming to disrupt industries or a creative spirit seeking to make an impact, STRT is your launchpad.
Join a network of ambitious student creators, where every idea has the potential to flourish into action, reshaping the world one project at a time.

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Learn Together

Community Events

Engage with an inspiring lineup of guest speakers, participate in enlightening interviews, and celebrate the achievements through student highlights.


Each event is a doorway to expanding your knowledge, refining your skills, and connecting with peers who share your passion for growth and innovation. Join us and transform your potential into expertise, one shared experience at a time.

Build Together

Access STRTs Network

Move forward in your journey with the confidence of having a whole network at your fingertips.


We truly believe in providing value first. That's why STRT is here to do everything we can to get your company off the ground. Consultations, introductions, highlights, strategy calls, and show and tells,. Your community is here to support you and drive you forward.

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Your community in three steps



With daily discussions, helpful articles, resources, new software, and weekly events. the community is your place to turn to daily to find out what's going on in the student-creator world. Participate in our exclusive events with successful entrepreneurs.



Your opinion matters. When you share your journey and insights with the community, not only are you strengthening your communication skills, but you're providing yourself the opportunity to connect with fellow creators. You won't find your next co-founder just reading posts.



If you're not sure where your next step should be, you can connect with the STRT team. We're here to introduce you to members, help you come up with your big idea, strategize your next move, and connect with the right people to keep you moving forward. 

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We Are Stronger Together

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Join a community of creators to help you on your journey.

Community Member Schools

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